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My yard may still be 70% snow cover, but opening day for Major League Baseball is only a few days away, and I’m ready for it.  Having children twelve years apart allows you a second chance to correct some mistakes made the first time around.  It’s time to begin Alaina’s indoctrination into sports watching.

I’m very fortunate to have a wife that’s into sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, she will watch them all.  We’ve had parties for big boxing matches and UFC fights.  I came home from work last week to find the television tuned to NFL free agency news. We go to Fenway Park several times a summer and winter vacations are often planned around what stadiums the Miami Dolphins are playing in. She’s a keeper.


us at Fenway 2


Somehow we dropped the ball with the teenager.  Kayla will watch an occasional Patriots game with her mother, but has no idea what is going on.  I consider her lack of understanding of football one of my greatest failures as a parent.  She went to a Hartford Colonials game when the United Football League was a thing, and I take her to minor league baseball games at least once a summer, but I think she is mainly going to spend time with her old man. The food and tight uniform pants may also play a part.


shy girl


I’m cautiously optimistic about the toddler.  Alaina will sit and watch a football game as long as she knows who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are, but I’m not sure she realizes she’s watching a sporting contest. Basketball she seems to like but hockey really confuses her. This winter she asked me “why are the skaters holding golf clubs around a soccer net?” I don’t think she ever even saw the puck, but we’ll try again next year.

I’m not sure what she will think about baseball.  I’m afraid it may be too slow moving to keep her attention on TV, but I’m going to try and get her to a few games this summer.  She probably doesn’t remember her first trip to the park, but I’m pretty confident she’ll enjoy it. The tight uniforms may not interest her yet, but you can’t go wrong with peanuts and cracker jax.




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