Brush Fire – In Kayla’s words


Anybody with teenagers knows that communication with them can be trying. Besides the apparent language barrier there seems to be a natural reticence to speaking freely that develops around age fourteen. When a scary moment occurred at our home last week that upset Kayla, I asked her if she would be willing to write about her feelings on the subject.

With her permission, here is our first guest post at ThirstyDaddy:


Last Tuesday, a brush fire spread into the woods behind my backyard. My mom noticed it before I did, and at first it didn’t seem quite serious so I called my friend Ally to tell her. Seconds later, her and her mom were running into my front yard. Once I saw my mother, she was panicking and I then realized how serious this actually was.  I tried my hardest not to panic because I had someone over and I needed to make sure Alaina didn’t see anybody all frantic. I needed her to feel safe and know everything was okay.

Soon firemen arrived and I was alone for a second and I broke down. Ally held me as Alaina hugged my legs and told me everything was okay and that the fire won’t catch me because the “fire guys” were here to save us. Phones were blowing up with messages asking if everyone was okay and/or if there was a fire at our house. People started flooding out yard and I couldn’t take it so the three of us went upstairs. Ally and Alaina stayed in Alaina’s room while I checked the fire from my parent’s room. It was terrifying . The fire looked so high and seemed like it stretched on forever. All I could think about were memories that had escaped my mind for years.



Growing up I had a friend named Isiah who believed I was a vampire because I ran ten times faster than he could, I could pull an all-nighter like a champ, and I could walk on snow without it breaking. We would play in those woods all day, climbing trees and running around and screaming like banshees. In spring, we’d put our feet in the stream (which is luckily still there) I’d play in there myself too when I was a HUGE Hunger Games fan because I’d pretend to be Katniss. My homemade bow and arrows are long gone.

I was then praying that there wasn’t any animals around while everything was burning.

In my panic I needed to call my other best friend Jacob, because he does a wonderful job calming me down, which worked.

Afterwards I went into Alaina’s room and Ally told me that her brother Jake was coming over too. And he came running in.

For the remainder of the time, we all sat in a cuddle group, answering phone and text messages. About thirty minutes later, everyone went home, The result was two acres (I feel that is was more than that) is burned.

I’m just hoping that doesn’t happen again.

-Kayla Todd. 5/6/15



My thoughts on the matter:

1. I’m glad that everyone was safe.

2.  I wish I’d had a better idea of the severity of the situation and arrived home sooner.

3. I’m proud of Kayla for putting her little sister’s need for comfort ahead of her own.

4. It’s great that Kayla is able to have such close friends in our immediate neighborhood.

5. This was a productive exercise that Kayla seemed to both enjoy and benefit from. I may not always post her thoughts on my blog, but I’ll be using it again in the future.


10 thoughts on “Brush Fire – In Kayla’s words”

  1. I was truly touched reading this . First you comfort your little sister, then she tries to comfort you. WOW! Kayla you are growing into a wonderful young woman. I’m so proud of you. love ya, Grandpa

  2. That does sound incredibly scary – well done Kayla for managing to stay so outwardly calm to try and stop Alaina worrying and glad that you had such good friends around to comfort you over it too. So glad that no-one was hurt and thank you for sharing your perspective with #ftmob.

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