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I’ve been asked multiple times over the past few days how my Father’s Day was.  It was good.  I slept until 10:00, probably the latest in at least a year, woke up to find some bacon waiting for me, and did a whole lot of nothing most of the day except drink a few beers and watch golf on television. That night I finally got to watch the new Godzilla movie.  I liked it.  It reminded me a lot of the old school Godzilla movies I enjoyed as a child.

I also had several people tell me they were surprised I didn’t write a Father’s Day blog post.  Well, here’s why.  I don’t particularly like Father’s Day, for multiple reasons.



1.   I don’t like to be told what I have to do.  Father’s Day, like Mother’s and Valentine’s Day, is what I call an “obligation” holiday.  I love and appreciate my father and all the sacrifices he made for me growing up.  He was there for me in ways that I never even realized until I had children of my own. I don’t know how many times I’ve told him that over the past forty years, but if he didn’t know how I felt prior to this past weekend, my failings as a son  have gone much further than if I hadn’t bothered to call him.




2. The marketing. I wasn’t expecting an actual gift from my wife, but I’m glad that she went with a simple shorts and T-shirt combo that I actually needed. Our insurance deductible and emergency room co-pay are much too high to buy me power tools, and she probably would have bought me the wrong golf equipment.  According to the television this past week, those are the only things that dads actually want.

3. Christopher Columbus.  Looking for a new trade route to the West Indies, Columbus instead landed on the Bahamas, the Antilles islands, and the Caribbean coasts of Venezuela and Central America. Never admitting to his mistake, he called the indigenous peoples “Indians”, initiated mass genocide, and founded the transatlantic slave trade before eventually being arrested and dismissed as governor by the Spanish government.  The anniversary of his arrival has been a “federal” holiday since 1937, with an accompanying day off from work and school for many people. In 1972, Father’s Day became a “national” holiday, meaning no day off.  I call bullshit on this.

4. It’s not a very happy day for a lot of people.  I have friends that grew up with crappy or abusive fathers. They hate Father’s day. There are also  those that have lost their children, those potentially great fathers that are medically unable to have children, and those that are not being allowed to be fathers to their children. There are no authoritative statistics on parental alienation, but I personally know several fathers that are being kept out of their children’s lives for no reasons except spite and hate.


Father’s Day was originally celebrated after a mining disaster in West Virginia killed three hundred and sixty-one men in 1908. Two hundred and fifty of the men were fathers so the town set aside a day to honor them. It was a commendable idea, but like many “holidays” of today, one that has run its course.

I’m very fortunate to have grown up with a great father and am now blessed with a happy, healthy family of my own.  My favorite part of the day Sunday was hearing my wife and children tell me that they loved and appreciated me.

It’s my favorite part of every day, obligated or not.






9 thoughts on “Not Another Fathers Day Post”

  1. Thanks Jeremy,

    I appreciated the post, most of all–because I was tired of being alone on this point of holidays. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating anything in my mind, but federal or national stuff kinda bugs me.

    Told my wife and kids that we’re going to establish a Buckley Holiday this year. Not sure when yet, but it’ll be when I need a day the most and it shall me about food, friends, family & fun.

    Why? Because I love them all and want to hang at an odd time of the month.

    Do I really need a reason?


    Glad you stopped by the site…and even more so that i visited back. Got you tabbed, brother. Have a feeling we’ll be talking again soon.

    Gratz on the loving family. As you said, ” My favorite part of the day Sunday was hearing my wife and children tell me that they loved and appreciated me.”

    Same for me. Only way to be, eh?

    Have a good week my friend–and a better weekend.

    – Jaime

  2. Great post here, my man. Nice to see a refreshing point of view on this topic. That’s why we kind of opted to stay away from the usual “Father’s Day” stuff and just posted a satire on the “best” dads in pop culture.

    Although, I’m not gonna act like I didn’t enjoy that bottle of 16-year old scotch that my wife bought for me. Haha


  3. What a great post! First off, I never even thought about the origins of Father’s Day so that was interesting. And yes, I agree that a lot of the holidays have turned in to “commercial” holidays where you’re pretty much forced to buy or do something for someone. But I guess, some people need a holiday in order to nudge them to do something they normally wouldn’t do, for someone they love. (Mainly, buy me flowers and jewelry) Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  4. Great post. Im in complete agreement.
    Fathers day has never been great. My dad….well let’s skip past him….and then as a Dad. This year was the first fathers day I had seen both boys in four years. And was the first one I ever celebrated for a variety of reasons prior. It was nice but it was a big deal. Personally I enjoyed see lung and spending time with them. And that’s all taht mattered. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week.

  5. Ah, such a great post. Your right, Father’s Day is sometimes tough. It reminds me my father died in 2003. On a side note, I never knew how Father’s Day originated so thank
    you for that tidbit!

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