It can Wait

Tuesday mornings are often the busiest of the week.  It’s laundry and trash day. I vacuum the house and clean the bunny cage. Fantasy football season is here and roster tinkering is done in preparation for the upcoming week.  I try and accomplish as much of this as possible early in the day so that I can enjoy a few hours of chore-free freedom while the little is at afternoon preschool.

This morning was no different. Alaina was content working on her new puzzles and I buzzed around grateful that she had reached the age where she was able to amuse herself. The plan was to try and play nine holes of golf this afternoon, and as I gathered up my gear I found myself thinking, not for the first time, how nice it will be next year when she is in full day kindergarten. I can play nicer courses without rushing, get more done in the yard, maybe even hit the gym more than once or twice a month.

There is only so long that I can work before she comes looking for me, of course.  She is rightfully very proud of her puzzle-solving abilities and likes to show off her accomplishments. Sometimes she likes to be fed.



It seems that as parents we spend half of our time complaining about how fast time goes by and the other half wishing they were a little bit older. Alaina no longer wakes me up in the morning, but I’m still not comfortable sleeping in, knowing that she’s downstairs unsupervised. I don’t feel guilty dropping her off to her grandmother’s for a few days, but she’s still too much of a handful to leave  while we go on a proper vacation. She’s been going to the bathroom on her own for a while now, but still isn’t capable of properly cleaning her own rear.

There’s no rush. As I took a coffee break and watched her playing for a bit, it occurred to me that this is probably the happiest that she is ever going to be. She has no worries, no concerns, nothing on her mind past what snack she might get if she eats all of her lunch. I walked away thinking that there was nothing that I wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice doing in order to keep that feeling for her as long as I possibly could.

As I type this my clothes are still waiting to be folded and put away. The dishes are dirty and the bunny still smells. Instead of golfing I’m doing all of the stuff I meant to be doing while my pirate captain was saving ponies from a giant evil teddy bear.

I’m still ready for her to start wiping her own ass, but everything else can wait a little longer.





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  1. “It seems that as parents we spend half of our time complaining about how fast time goes by and the other half wishing they were a little bit older.” This line is so true – nailed it. I often find myself wondering about how this. Live in the moment – I remind myself.

  2. What a gorgeous post! I agree, the laundry can always wait and getting down to their level to play is so much more important…and you can drink coffee at the same time 🙂 #winwin

  3. Ah I wrote a really similar post recently about the paradox of parenting – how we want them to grow up, then when they grow up, we wish longingly that they were small again! Totally agree about the ass-wiping though. My eldest is only 3 so we’ve got a little way to go with that yet! #bestandworst

  4. She sounds like she is at a lovely stage 🙂 You want to bottle it and keep it forever. Sometimes it is nice just to stuff all the jobs and play with them. I do it a lot and then can use that as an excuse for being a lazy ass! Enjoy your time together. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

  5. That is so true… in the blink of an eye they’re up, about and independent!! it’s scary how quick time flies and how easy it is for us to miss out on things with them!! Thankyou so much for sharing this with me on #busydoinglife

  6. You put this really well. I go through this with my 8 year old who loves to talk my ear off with either telling me all sorts of crazy stories that he thinks up in his head or telling me all sorts of science facts about space (that’s just the most recent obsession of his. Before, it was sharks, before that, squids, cats, etc.) I usually end up tuning him out because I’m busy trying to clean or blog but then when I think about what he’s actually saying to me, I am in awe of much he is growing up but he’s still young enough to want to tell me everything under the sun, well, he even tells me about the sun. My teenager doesn’t tell me anything while my younger one tells me EVERYTHING! Lol. visiting from #themadmidweekbloghop

  7. yes as you say not be long till she is away all day….and after that they are married and away all too quick as well. Golf will still be there when she is grown.
    They are such amazing interesting individuals at the pre school age and hang on every word you say. #magicmoments

  8. You make a great point. There’s so much duality in parenting, especially with time passing so fast. I agree with you: there’s something things that I can’t wait for (like my two year old being potty trained) and there are others that I’m wishing would take its time–like the affinity for boys or driving…Either way, each day comes with something new in parenting. And I think that’s the part that makes it more adventurous and interesting. Thanks for sharing this post. So glad I found you on mmwbh

  9. I am totally guilty of wishing for the kids to be able to do the next milestone, walking, talking. But now my oldest teeny tiny twin babies are fourteen and I can’t believe how fast they, and their younger siblings have grown up!
    Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

  10. What a lovely post! Little Miss H is two and a half and every now and then I look at her and wonder how she grew up so quickly. I love the age she is now. I love being able to spend afternoons cuddled on the sofa reading and watching films, having baths together singing nursery rhymes and her good night kisses. I wish this time could last. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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