The Search for Supergirl

There are times when I love my daughter’s stubbornness, her refusal to quit in the face of adversary or admit that something is beyond her capability. It’s a quality I hope continues as it will carry her far in life. Other days, of course, it’s a real pain in the ass.

It’s easy to see where she get it from, as both of her parents share similar characteristics. People (my wife) have actually gone as far as to call me “mule-headed”, a description that I don’t particularly care for, especially on days when I’m acting really mule-headed.


The plan for yesterday was simple. Drop off my daughter at preschool and head over to Target for some groceries and a few more Christmas presents. I have a pretty good start on the season and figured a pajama set and a few action figures should just about finish things up for the four year old.

Specifically I wanted a Supergirl action figure. Ratings are down since the premiere, but the show still averages over seven million US viewers a week, more than Gotham and twice that of DC’s other popular superhero shows based on The Flash and Green Arrow. Alaina and I watch the previous night’s episode every Tuesday morning and she sometimes pretends her Barbies are Supergirl. It seemed a no-brainer.

Three hours later I felt like I’d lost my brain. Target didn’t have any female superheros, so I headed to Wal Mart. Thinking that Toys R Us would surely have a larger selection I went there next. FYE, two K Marts, another Wal Mart and Big Lots followed.

By the time I was done I’d driven over eighty miles across two states. Along with several traffic laws, I broke several laws of public decorum. Several department store employees probably went to bed questioning their career choice. I was late picking her up from school and almost late for work.

I was an idiot.



In the end I didn’t end up buying a single thing. I came across four Harley Quinns, three Wonder Women, two Batgirls, a Scarlett Witch and a Catwoman, any of which my daughter would have been more than happy with. Β She also would have been happy with any of the male characters that could be found anywhere. Β I didn’t want them.

Eventually I did what a sane person would do and went online. I struck out on Amazon, but found what I wanted on E-Bay for only double what I had hoped to pay.

A rant about the gender bias of the toy industry will wait for another day. For now I shall sit here and savor my victory.


supergirl action figure


34 thoughts on “The Search for Supergirl”

  1. This made me laugh as I can completely relate. Once I get my mind on something there is no stopping me and especially when it comes to my little girl. Right now I’m on the search for the perfect rocking chair for her for Christmas and on-line is my friend. I think I’ve settled on the one I think she will love and am willing to pay shipping, duties and taxes that are almost half of the cost of the chair itself but I’ve got to have it πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  2. There’s a Supergirl action figure?! I dread to think how much that’ll cost in the specialist shops should it make it over here.

    When we last were over, I could find better Who merchanise there than I could here! And Who is ours!

  3. I have not yet watched the new Supergirl series – is it any good? You sound very similar to me . I will go all out to find my daughter what she would like for Christmas! I would be interested to read that post on gender bias at some point! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  4. I watch all of the super hero shows and I try to get my 8 year old son to watch them with me. Ironically, it’s Supergirl that he looks forward to watching every week. I watch Arrow, the Flash, and Gotham and he wants none of that. I put on Supergirl, and he’s sitting right next to me watching it. I love the show and I can’t believe they don’t have any action figures in the stores of her. That’s just crap! I’m glad you were able to find it. My son wants Super Sonic for Christmas and I can only find it online. He’s like me though and likes things that aren’t as currently popular as the latest trend:-)

    1. We just finished season 1 of Gotham and like it. I feel like I would have liked Arrow, but I’m not sure I want to start this far behind now.

  5. Oh no!!! What a great Dad you are though and you have probably made the best decisiont ever by getting it for her πŸ™‚ Fab, well done! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst x

  6. Wow! Talk about chasing a whale πŸ™‚ Glad you finally found what you were looking for.

    I have not seen Supergirl yet. We don’t have cable, only NetFlix and Amazon Prime, so we don’t see shows in their first season. But we LOVE Flash and the Arrow, so it will be cool to see how it compares.

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