Liar, Liar

This morning I was forced to have yet another long talk with my daughter about lying, a habit she has become increasingly comfortable with. She was very adament that under no cicumstances had she been involved in any sneaking of leftover Halloween candy. Unfortunately for her, she is still unsophisticated enough in her dishonesty that she didn’t do anything to hide the pile of wrapper evidence.

I like to think that I teach by example. That as often as possible I try to avoid resorting to “do as I say, not as I do.” I fear that in this instance, however, I may be a little hypocritical.  Besides the obvious one about the guy in the red suit that she thinks is watching her,  as I thought back on the past week it occured to me that I had actually told a pretty fair number of untruths. Enough of them that it’s almost a bit of a shock that my pants never caught fire.

After getting my oil changed, I told my mechanic that the knocking he heard had just started and that I was just about to mention it. I listen to my music loud and had no idea what he was talking about.

I told Alaina’a teacher that she must have taken her hat and mittens out of her backpack that morning. I never packed them.

I also told her I’d talk to Alaina about why it was wrong to push the little mean boy on the playground. I didn’t. I saw the whole thing and he started it.

I told my mother in law that the neighbors sometimes put their empty whiskey bottles in our recycle bin.

Several people were told that I must not have heard my phone ring. It just wasn’t within reach of the couch.

I lie to my kid even more. Two days ago she asked me if fairies were real. I tried to be honest until she reminded me about the Tooth Fairy.  Then I backtracked. Some fairies are real of course.

When we returned home she was excited to see the Christmas tree I had picked up while she was at school. When she asked if I’d gone into the woods myself to chop it down, I said yes. Cutting two inches off the bottom is pretty close.

I also told her that she was being very helpful putting up the lights.

These were all relatively harmless and I’d be lying again if I said I was crippled with self-recrimination, but it was an interesting exercise.  Other than my wife, ( who I would obviously never dream of lying to ) I basically was dishonest with almost everybody I came into contact with this week. I’m supposed to be setting a moral example for my daughter and need to be a little more cognizant of that.

One day she’s going to catch me.





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18 thoughts on “Liar, Liar”

  1. We all lie to our kids. My son thinks that I work with the Wild Kratts and all of his favorite PBS Kids characters. The one thing to remember is that they will do the exact same thing to their kids that you are doing to them.

    It might take a while for them to understand but they will.

  2. Aww you were being a good Dad in my eyes. Good on you for not telling Alaina off when some lad pushed her first. Also, I pretend if I forget things at nursery. I’d keep it going as long as you can, as long as Alaina is happy x (ps the phone thing I do too) x #twinklytuesday x

  3. Doesn’t everyone do the phone thing?! I don’t see the problem with the odd white lie every so often. It’s the whooping great black ones you’ve got to watch out for!

  4. This is a very interesting and thought provoking post! White lies are part of the social etiquette of being human but we have to draw the line somewhere, haven’t we? But I agree with you that the best way to teach is by example but hey, we parents are not infallible. We do sometimes lie so that we can have the last piece of Chocolate Cake, well, sometimes…#TheList

  5. Love this, I’m so glad that it’s not just me who finds themselves telling one white lie after another. I reason that none of them are bad, and are often to save the feelings/time of someone else (it’s not always just for me!)… but I do sometimes cringe as I find myself being a little economical with the truth again 🙂

  6. I wonder who leaves all their beer bottles in our trash cans that clink away in the early morning hours of every Monday. You are so right in saying that someday our kids are going to catch up to our bad behaviors…for now…I will just keep carrying on lol.
    💌Trista #justanotherlinky

  7. Ugh, it’s so hard not to tell little white lies or just plain out lies to anyone. I feel like we’re little kids and we don’t want to get into trouble my mommy or daddy, so we still tell lies to anyone just to escape the uncofortableness of getting caught.

  8. I think sometimes we have to lie to our kids. Although I don’t think we should class telling our kids Santa is real and the tooth fairy is real as a lie. We do it for the magical experience it brings them. Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes over at Blogging Mummy

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