All Played Out

I love playing with my daughter. She’s funny, imaginative, enthusiastic, and even likes most of the same toys I do. She can be a little bossy and doesn’t always share as well as she should, but as long as she lets me win the occassional argument, we get along just fine.

Two weeks ago I was writing about record high temperatures and hikes that we were taking through the woods. Over the past four days we’ve been assaulted by record lows, stuck inside as helpful people on television warned that the temperature was preparing to fall to “dangerous levels.” Recovering from bronchitis and trying to keep her new cough from advancing to that stage, we took their advice. We were on house arrest. For four long days.

It led to a lot of playing. We played with cars. We played with trucks. Pirates, cowboys, knights in shining armor. We finally got around to watching The Lego Movie (awesome) and gave a go at some arts and crafts (pitiful). We built elaborate castles, racetracks, and villages, tore them down, and built them back up again.




The only thing I didn’t do is spend a single second by myself. My showers started getting longer, bathroom trips more frequent. Neither of these kept her at bay for long.  Sitting, or sometimes even moving too slowly, meant an action figure thrust into my hand and  a new story line beginning. Alaina is pretty good at keeping herself occupied while I do other things, but given the option she will always choose to have a playmate.  The willingness of that playmate is often inconsequential. It doesn’t take long to run out of chores and excuses, especially with such a willing helper.




As I type this she is eating lunch and the temperature has jumped back up another fifty degrees. The strangest winter in memory continues and we should be able to get back outside soon. This afternoon February break ends and there will be a return to preschool. I don’t think that I’ll actually do a dance after drop off, but I’m not completely ruling it out. At the very least there may be whistling. Daddy is all played out for a few days.


36 thoughts on “All Played Out”

  1. I know what you mean. They don’t like to sit like we do. Sitting is boring. I’ve discovered a few new boredom busters, one is filling a pot with sand and giving them a spoon to dig, the other is washing their hands (it’s the small things)

  2. haha I get this after 1 day!! You have done ace. My daughter is similar she wants me to sit with her and play all day long. Its hard to make her play alone. I do have to try and make the most of her. It’s the hardest when I am full of snot and ill myself though! Glad Alaina is better xx #fartglitter

  3. We havehad virtually no cold weather this winter either, which has confused the plants no end. The downside of that is a LOT of rain, everywhere is like a bog at the moment. But I shouldnt complain, its prefereable to snow. #Fartglitter

  4. It’s funny because people always wonder how I survive having 3 kids all a year apart but the greatest thing is that they always have a playmate. Mommy doesn’t have to always be the source of entertainment. Just referee sometimes. #fartglitter

    1. There are times when I think we made a mistake not having another for that very reason. Then I remember that I’m old, worn out, and don’t need to press my luck

  5. Haha, it’s a nightmare when you’re on house arrest. Mine won’t ever, ever play by himself, unless he’s giving himself square eyes with the iPad, which often actually end up being used for – you’ve guessed it! – two player games!!! #binkylinky

  6. Oh yes, this has been me this week! My twins have followed me everywhere around the house week. Might have to start locking doors or hiding in the wardrobe! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  7. Ah it sounds like you definitely did you shift and I’m sure she had a lot of fun! Sometimes we can feel guilty for being tired of playing, but it can be exhausting!! #bestandworst

  8. Oh yes. Mummy can you play this. Mummy can you come here. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. I love his imagination, I love hearing him and spying on his games because it’s cute. Playing them? Harder to keep interested because I play it all wrong apparently….

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