Where’s Black Widow?




My baby is turning five this week, a joyous occasion for her, a bittersweet one for me. Invitations have been passed out, a bouncy house reserved, cupcakes have been made. New toys have been purchased.

Surprisingly, it was ticking this last item off the list that caused the most frustration.

When I was a kid I had action figures. GI Joe, Star Wars, or superhero. I had action figures and that was about it. Not because I was deprived in any way, but because that is what I liked playing with. I had a Death Star play set that served as home base, a handful of vehicles that were modified to resemble the cars from The Road Warrior, and dozens of action figures to inhabit it all. Shopping for me was easy.

It’s a little different with my daughter. Not only does she have more varied interests, she also has a large number of  toys that used to belong to her sister. Combine that with a grammy that likes to go tag saleing and a daddy that buys toys that he wants to play with, and you end up with a little of everything in your toy chest. No matter what she feels like playing, chances are good that I can oblige.

She certainly doesn’t need any more Barbies. We have a whole box of Barbies, almost all of them naked, a disturbing number headless. We also have quite a few superheroes. We’ve got Spider Man of course, because he’s the coolest, multiple Batmans in different armors, and the majority of The Avengers team in one form or another.

It’s the missing Avengers that are the problem. I don’t mind that Hawkeye is hard to find, nobody wants to be Hawkeye. Even kids that are actually archers prefer The Green Arrow.  Black Widow and The Scarlet Witch, however, are toys that my daughter wants. She wants them, and I can’t find them. This display would lead you to believe that Black Widow is somewhere on these shelves, but you would be wrong.




It’s not the first time that Disney has let me down in this way. A year and a half after watching The Force Awakens, I still haven’t seen a Rey action figure. I applaud them for having a female lead, but it seems odd that it’s easier to find Luke Skywalker on the toy shelves. *SPOILER ALERT*  He’s on screen for about three minutes, with no dialogue.

It was a surprising heroine that saved the day. The same  Supergirl that I had such a hard time finding during Christmastime.  I’ve always been a much bigger fan of the Marvel characters, but DC is way ahead in their efforts to get young girls interested in their properties. Wonder Woman has a prominent role in their new cinematic universe and will become the first female superhero with her own movie in 2017. The Super Hero High cartoon series on You Tube is great, as is the one hour special aired on Boomerang. Just as important, the merchandising partnership with Target proved that there is a strong market for these products. We now have a whole team of girls ready to go out and fight the bad guys.




Marvel has  been on the forefront of diversity among their superheros for years. The Black Panther just celebrated fifty years in comics and will be getting his own movie in 2017.  The X Men books have long been allegory for gay rights and the current Ms Marvel is the first Muslim hero to have her own series.

It’s time for them to catch up on their toy selection.





21 thoughts on “Where’s Black Widow?”

    1. I just think they totally underestimate the market for little girls that like superheros and want a figure that looks like them. There also seems to be an idea that little boys wouldn’t play with them, which is ridiculous. I own a lot of Disney stock, and would buy every one.

  1. I agree, it’s time to catch up on the toy selection. My little granddaughters are right into superheroes at the moment (the oldest is also turning five this week) and what’s on offer is pathetic.

    1. Happy birthday to her. I had some luck on e-bay leading up to Christmas, but had to pay a small fortune. I was happy we were able to find what we did at Target

  2. Hi Jeremy, I’m no Super Hero buff, but I do enjoy a good Marvel film, which is pretty much all of them. It does seem a little daft that Marvel aren’t cashing in on there films and selling the products.

    Hope your little girl has an excellent birthday regardless.


  3. I had super hero toys as a kid over Barbies! Marvel are so popular with their films, I’m surprised they haven’t cottoned on really. Missing a trick. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  4. Perhaps they should try selling them, instead of assuming there isn’t a market for them! Not being an Avengers fan, I have to admit that I was expecting this post to be about a spider. Or a serial killer. I’m quite glad it wasn’t, as those sounded scary. Particularly as the spider/killer in question was apparently missing! #bestandworst

  5. Oh how strange! One of my absolute favourite toy sets as a kid was the She-Ra castle and my She-ra and Elektra action figures – girls have been into super heroes for years, so bizzare that they’re so hard to find now?!
    Definitely true though – I see Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Storm trooper outfits everywhere and even Finn Costumes (Which looked pretty dull!) but I have yet to see a Rey costume…

    1. I forgot all about She-Ra. It was great that she got her own series for a while. I think I remember it being better than He-Man

  6. This is annoying but a much cooler problem to have then “where’s Skye?”

    I don’t get the disconnect either. Marvel have been doing all sorts of interesting things with female superheroes so why hasn’t the merchandising caught up with a clearly demonstrable market?

  7. My daughter would love a black widow action figure. I have currently been trying to find a Barbie sized pink power ranger and have had no luck #binkylinky

  8. I wonder if the superhero high series is available on you tube kids? I’ll have to log on and find out as I’m sure my girls would love it. My girls love superhero – one loves the male ones, the other loves the female heroes, but I agree the female ones are so hard to come hard by and that hardly seems right at all. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky Sorry the comment is late – we’ve just returned from holiday!

  9. Firstly, happy birthday and hope she had a blast, I’m glad that she managed to have a black widow in the end.

    We still aren’t really at an age for superhero, or more accurately, he doesn’t have any interest though spiderman is starting to get looked at (mainly because of facepainting but hey ho!)

    I don’t understand why you would have a lead character that you didn’t make into a model, because to have as a lead surely there is some popularity there?!

    1. I think they might have the idea that older boys would like to look at her on the big screen, but smaller boys wouldn’t want to play with her action figure

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