The Art of The Deal


You don’t have to be a billionaire real estate tycoon to understand some of the basic principles of negotiation.  Offer less than you’ll spend, ask for more than you will accept.  Go in with a clear idea of what final result you are after and project a desire to find commonality in order for the other side to also believe they are achieving their goals.  The  truly skilled will mask what they are really after, heading down the path to victory before the other party is even aware that negotiation has begun.

It’s possible that in my guidance of my daughter towards her rightful place as Queen of The World, I have been emphasizing some of the wrong qualities, believing that her intelligence and empathetic nature would bring her to power.  I am now beginning to wonder if it might be a hidden deviousness that will be a more effective tool.

You see, my five year old daughter has decided that she wants a Mohawk haircut.  I’ve spent the past several years teaching her to celebrate her individuality, telling her that she can play with whatever she wants, be whoever she wants, and as long as it is somewhat reasonable, dress however she wants.

These are all things that she has not been shy about reminding us, as well as the fact that it is her hair, to do with as she pleases, that several boys in her school have their hair cut in this manner, and that it will grow back very quickly if she decides that she doesn’t like it. She has a list of arguments and they are all annoyingly hard to dispute.

Fortunately, I don’t believe that she really wants a Mohawk.  I think that by opening with this move, she is maneuvering us towards her real endgame : highlights.  For a while she’s been asking for them and we’ve brushed her off, not seeing a need for her to start applying multi-colored hair dyes just to make her hair look “fancy.”  She’s used marker on just about all of her Barbie’s locks and always goes out of her way to compliment random teenagers at the mall with multi-colored tresses.  I think that by opening with Mohawk, her plan is that a compromise will be reached to obtain her true goal.

My wife thinks I’m insane.  She takes care of my haircuts and I fear a Patriots logo may get carved into the back of my head in I even think about calling the little one’s bluff.

She may be right.

It may also be that we’ve got a little hustler on our hands, willing to use our words and weaknesses against us to get what she wants. Judging by her poker playing skills, I’m convinced it’s the latter.


The Art of The Deal




43 thoughts on “The Art of The Deal”

  1. This girl is going to change the world. I’ll bet real money on that one, Dad.

    Keep us posted on whether or not she gets you to cave on the mohawk. 😉


    1. If she gets her mohawk, I can guarantee there will be a post about it. Probably concerning the fury of my wife at me

  2. Hahaha! I’m so looking forward to hearing the end of this one. Thankfully, our kids’ school doesn’t allow mohawks or hair coloring. That said, I’ve thought about getting my oldest some hair chalk to play around with on the weekends. No harm in something temporary like that.

  3. Ah, let me introduce you to the world of temporary highlights that wash out. We turn hair pink, blue, green and all other colors of the rainbow, but come bath time, goodbye highlights!

    1. I’m trying to hold off, but I’m sure one of these weekends we’ll go ahead and give her some color. She’ll be pretty tickled by it

  4. LOL Don’t cave!!! My 8 year old drove me to insanity asking to cut his own bangs last week and I caved. You can see the results on my instagram feed (@makinghermama). But she is right, it’s just hair….it does grow back. I’d rather have my kiddo cut it into a mohawk than start getting into dying it! So expensive…and all those chemicals! #KCACOLS

  5. When I was fourteen I cut my long hair into a beautiful pixie cut. So short and sweet, shorter than my brothers. The tighter the better. My parents loved my individuality and my courage to take a bold step. A year later at 15 when school broke for the summer I decided I wanted to shave my head …. oh my dad had a wobbler! Told me I wasn’t allowed back into the house if I shaved my head. So much for power to the girl haha love your daughters attitude:) #kcacols

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