Pictures Aren’t Worth a Thousand Words


Eve 6


Last night I was able to sneak off by myself for a few hours and see pop-punk band Eve 6 at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun.  As usual my trip there made me wish that I had more willpower when it came to walking by the slot machines on my way out, but this trip also left me feeling both nostalgic and grateful.

Nostalgic because I was reminded of all the great songs that this band recorded in the late 1990’s and first few years of the 2000’s.   In those early days of Napster and file sharing, “Here’s to the Night” was the first song that I ever downloaded, taking approximately twenty minutes to finish.  In those days Friday and Saturday night plans were made based on which cover bands were playing the circuit of bars that I frequented.  The song “Inside Out” was a staple of many of these bands’ set lists.

Grateful because there isn’t a whole lot from those years for me to be proud of.  I remember seeing the band at a music festival around that time, but who I was with, who else played, and much of the rest of the day escapes me.  I’m fairly certain that was the mosh pit where I got cut over both of my eyes after having my sunglasses punched into my face for defending a girl being groped while crowd surfing, but I’m not positive.  Seeing them play live again was a nice time, but being home with my wife by 11:00 and waking up to take my daughter to school made me much happier than anything that may have occurred on that night almost twenty years ago.


While waiting for the show to start I spent some time chatting with a younger couple sitting on one side of me and an older one on the other.  The younger couple were trying to decide what pictures to delete from their phones to free up some storage for a few of the band.  The thousands of pictures were all of their children of course, leading to some small talk about parenting ( because that’s what parents do ) and comments from the older couple about how many more photos they had of their two small grandchildren than they did of the entire lives of their two adult children.

It brought to mind a conversation I had earlier that night at work about how cell phone cameras have completely changed the way that we document our lives and also a half written post from about a month ago about how I’m not sure that pictures are always enough. They are reminders of a slice of time, but not true stories of the moment.  I have no pictures of that Eve 6 concert all those years ago, but even if I did, what would that tell me other than that I was there?


Earlier in the week my wife was telling a group of people about the spectacle of herself our youngest had made the prior evening at Daisy Scouts.  One of those in attendance mentioned to her that “she really should write this stuff down.”  I found it an ironic suggestion coming from an e-mail subscriber to this very blog, but the fact is that I did write down my wife’s story, adding that moment to all the others being collected in a pile of note books I’ve been scribbling into for the past two years.  I wrote it down not as potential material for future use, but because more and more these notebooks are becoming more about documenting moments than they are first drafts of blog posts.

I’ve mentioned before that this is never going to be a place where I share parenting advice other than the occasional “what not to do”, but I’m breaking my own rule today.  You don’t need your own blog, a fancy scrap booking set-up, or a secret diary under your pillow, but I’d encourage you to write things down.  Spend two dollars on a simple notebook and take a few minutes every week documenting what happened and how you felt about it.  Even if you don’t have kids, write things down. Write down things that you don’t want to forget because the odds are that you will.

I’m old enough to still be amazed by the idea that I have not only a camera with me at all times now, but a video camera.  I take a ton of pictures and the kids enjoy looking through them with me from time to time.  I have a feeling that one day they are going to enjoy flipping through my notebooks even more.




34 thoughts on “Pictures Aren’t Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. I completely agree but feel like I spend half my time archiving! Trying to keep the photos and videos in some sort of order.
    We also have a “line book” where we record the funny things that my son says.
    Great advice though, I think it’s well worth staying on top of these memories as they happen.

    1. A “line book” is a great idea. I have a whole folder full of stuff that needs to be organized. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to bring myself to tackle it

  2. I love Eve 6!

    I’m super glad cellphone cameras weren’t a thing when I was younger. (AKA dumber.)

    I have zipsticks, external hard drives, photo uploading accounts, all full of pictures I’ll probably only look at once or twice before life is over. I think the old school 35 mm pics were the easiest. Second to Polaroids maybe. Something about physically having the photo instead of it being on this computer or that phone, I miss simpler times. Lol.

    Thanks for making me feel old. 😉 Glad you got a night out!

    1. Its only been in the past year that I finally gave up printing all my pictures out at Target and putting them in photo albums. I’m not always sure I made the right choice in stopping

  3. It’s interesting to be at this place (seeing the concert) now as opposed to before. The music might be the same but you have changed. It’s cool that you still enjoy the music and it’s been a backdrop to your life even as you are in a different phase.

    1. Every once in a while there is something that really makes you step back and take a look at where you’ve come from to where you are now. Maybe I’m weird, but I find it kind of fascinating

  4. its great that we are so advanced these days but I do miss the simpler times. Mum and Dad have row upon row of photo albums I love to look through and it saddens me that we won’t have the same for our little one to look through down the line. #anythinggoes

  5. If my teen years were documented, scary stuff! Now, I just get annoyed when the 3 year old wants me to take her picture with every piece of fruit at the grocery store 🙂

  6. I agree with you, I love the fact that we can capture a moment with our phone, it’s right there, and I don’t have to be hooked on it to grab a few quick photos. I write on the blog, and I do write about our family quite a bit, but I don’t keep a journal, it’s a great way to write down our feelings about the moment as well as the facts. And I’m sure that those words will be treasured.

  7. What a great conclusion to come to. Yes, I figure my kids may be more fascinated by my notebooks than my pictures. Although they will have to decipher the writing! #BrilliantBlogPosts

  8. I do both, with varying degrees of success. I’d add another suggestion: don’t just take picture of birthday parties and other special events. Every once in a while, I’ll just pick up my camera and go around the house taking a picture of what everybody is doing. I feel like the pictures of my kids drawing or doing homework or practicing piano are going to be more fun to look back on in the long run because that was what the everyday looked like.

  9. I don’t take endless amounts of pictures but we tend make scrapbooks of periods of time and I print so many For instance, we had a 2016 scrap book and had a separate page for everyone’s birthday, a separate page of vacations and another for Christmas etc… I do love a good picture, especially of the children and it’s so handy to be able to upload it to a printing/photography firm and then have a collage or canvas created. I don’t simply rely on pictures too though – I have a note book with me at all times – because words are just as important, maybe it’s an idea to include phrases and funny things into the scrap book and not just pictures. Times are certainly changing!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  10. I often do wonder what my sons will think about my blog. especially my son with autism as it is mostly him I write about. But I hope they will just see how much I loved them. I love taking photos but I understand what you mean they sometimes only tell half the story or the story we want to tell the world. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. with social media and the world in general heading in such an oversharing direction, I think our kids will be more accustomed to the idea that we used our experiences with them to tell our stories. I also think most of us are cognizant about their privacy and have defined lines about what is or isn’t OK to discuss

  11. Hi Jeremy, our memories change as we get further from the ‘event’. You’re right photos don’t tell the whole story, and writing things down to back up the photos is a brilliant idea (that takes discipline). Sometimes part of the joy of remembering is how the story has changed.


  12. I’m making photo books now to store myn photos off line. You’ve sort of reminded me to do as a previous commenter mentioned a line book. I used to date and a short line of what we did – outings, holidays etc. I should really start this again because although I blog i often forget some things! #happydays

  13. I think that’s a lovely idea. I’ve never been one for keeping a diary, but having the little one has encouraged me to write more down and keep a record to look back on in years to come. Lovely post. #HappyDaysLinky

  14. I am alway for forgetting things, even writing my happy days list each week i struggle to remember! I do love that we can take and share so many photos with ease but feel so bad that i still haven’t got round to sorting the photo books I’ve been meaning to make for four years… Thanks for sharing with #HappyDaysLinky x

  15. When I was 25 I wrote down everything I could remember from my whole life, in chronological order. I didnt want to get to my 80s and not remember things as I could when I was younger. I now had a massive notebook with all of my memories of childhood, my teens and from when I met my husband – best thing I ever did. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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