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It’s strange sometimes the things that can remind you of someone, a person that may not have crossed your mind for a long time or had a reason to think about.  A song, a place, an article of clothing or a certain type of food. The most arbitrary of catalyst triggering remembrance.

A few days ago I looked out at an extremely crowded waiting room at work and thought about my grandmother, passed about twenty years now.  I looked out at the mass of people, turned to the student that was shadowing me, and remarked that “they must be giving away something for nothing here.”  It was a line that my grandmother used whenever we would pull into a parking lot that contained more than a handful of cars.  As a child I found it much more humorous than the student seemed to.

She lived farther away from us than either of my children’s grandparents now do, but was an important figure in my life growing up.  Summers meant vacations at their house. A week solo for myself, one for my brother, and then a week when we were both there. This time was spent working in their garden, swimming in the only privately owned pool that I knew of, and watching old episodes of Get Smart and Batman using a new innovation in technology called “cable television.”  It was also a time for reading, hours spent in silence as we lay across her bed in silence, each privately engrossed in whatever novel currently had our attention.


thinking of gram
sorry ladies, I did some cropping


My girls are very fortunate to have two grandmothers and a grampy that are very involved in their lives, as are my brother’s twins.  When she was younger a grandfather that has since passed was a very important role model in the teenager’s life and I sometimes wonder if she may have avoided a few of the pitfalls that she has stumbled into if that influence was still with her.

Over the past few years several very close friends of mine have been confronted with their parent’s mortality. Passage for some, ongoing fights for health continuing for others.  It’s something that’s painful to consider, but a reality that we all must one day face. One more reminder to cherish every day that we have with those that we love.

I think that recent thoughts of my grandmother may have been subliminally influenced by this picture, taken to commemorate the little’s first 100 days of kindergarten.  It’s meant to depict what she will look like at 100 years old. My daughter absolutely hates it, but I think it’s hysterical.  It also kind of reminds me of somebody.


looking like gram
a little bit freaky




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  1. Isn’t it funny how a picture and event like the 100 days can trigger all of those memories? She looks so cute! All of my grandma’s are gone now, and I miss them so much! I wish my kids could have known them.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. I am a grandmother today (still can’t believe it!) and I’m making memories now with my two young grandsons. All of my grandparents and both of my parents are now gone. Precious memories of them all and I see them every day in myself and my son and grandsons.

  3. That’s definitely an interesting picture of your 100 year old daughter! I’ve had similar experiences of catching a fleeting glimpse of a departed loved one – always a bittersweet moment.

    1. I don’t know what app they used for that, but it cracks me up. I also think its funny how mad it makes her to see herself old

  4. I”m very lucky to have had the relationships I had, and my daughter even more so. My husband and I are both thankful and grateful for this. A lovely post. #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. Such a beautiful memory of your grandmother. Mine was so involved with us when we were growing up and was so loving that I really wish she was still here to see me through adulthood too. Just to have her meet my own children would have been such a blessing. Still, it was something to have her as my own for a time. Lovely post 🙂 #tuesdaytreasures

  6. What lovely memories of your Gram, it’s a shame your daughters didn’t get to meet her. My children now only have one grandparent as my parents are gone and grandad passed away last year. It’s a shame because I have some lovely memories of my gran and I feel like my kids are missing out. Your 100 yr old daughter looks a lot like your Gram doesn’t she?

  7. I only had one set of grandparents and they were the best. I miss them terribly and have in fact just wrote a blog post about memories of my Nan. It’s funny what small things will trigger a memory isn’t it. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures

  8. Awe. Touching post. I miss my gramma so much. I think about her all the time. My kids recently lost their grandma…very sad they won’t grow up with her.

  9. I really felt the love for your Gram in this post, and I adore the pic of you and her even if you did crop it lol. Such wonderful memories you have, those summertime memories sound amazing. I wish more were still here, I wish I could ask them things and her their stories. My children still have all their grandparents and they are so lucky that they are people who my children can truly adore. They don’t see my husbands parents as much as they live in North Queensland and we are in Victoria. But still they have a created a timeless bond through holidays. I really loved this post. Thanks for linking up #mg

    1. Thanks for reading MG. My daughters are very fortunate to have their grandparents in their lives, something that I need to make sure I tell them more often ( the grandparents )

  10. I think tat the grandparent/grandchild relationship is so important. I used to love calling in on my grandma after a night out. The boxing would usually be on the telly and we’d chat about how my evening went. She loved to know all the details! This is a lovely post about your grandma. Alison x #mg

  11. Such a lovely post. I no longer have any grandparents but I feel blessed that I still have my parents. I love seeing their relationship with my children. #mg

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