Superman Stole My Sleep


I had a surprise waiting for me last night when I went to bed.  A four foot, bed hogging miniature version of myself snoring loudly right where I was prepared to lie down.  Normally these types of late night shenanigans would be frowned upon, an admonishment about staying in her own room followed by a march back across the hall.

Instead I let her sleep.

Alaina has always been surprisingly easy at bedtime. She drags her feet a bit, makes up silly excuses to stay up, and is sometimes reminded that if I can hear her singing she obviously isn’t brushing her teeth, but there really aren’t that many nights that she gets back up after story time and lights out.

Last night was different, a full scale meltdown occurring because I refused to let her trade out one of her stuffed animals for a Superman fighter jet that she insisted on sleeping with instead.  A fighter jet with sharp wings that, like any rational parent, I was convinced that sharing a bed with would lead to her poking her eyes out.  Why parents have this completely irrational fear of our kids poking their eyes out I can’t explain.  In my forty three years on this planet, I don’t believe that I have ever encountered somebody that actually poked one of their eyes out as a child, but the certainty that our diligence is the only thing keeping it from happening is a common bond that all parents share.


Superman stole my sleep
weapon of eye destruction


I let her stay because when I left her room she was a blubbering mess, unable to deal with life’s unfairness and the terribly mean father that she had been burdened with.  The kind of mess that had a high potential of leading to an equally unpleasant morning when this little bundle of emotion needed to get up and get ready to face a full day of school.


superman stole my sleep
too much to bear


I also let her stay because I really didn’t mind, either the room intruder or the tantrum thrower.  She’ll be turning six in a few months and I’ve been increasingly cognizant of the fact that my little girl really isn’t all that little anymore, that I’m closer to the end of things like tuck-ins, bedtime stories and arguments over the appropriate number of stuffed animals than I am to monitors and waking up my wife for 2 AM feedings. It was nice to see her acting like an overtired, spoiled little five year old, as weird as that may sound.


I let her stay and today have the puffy eyes, bruised spleen, and crick in my back that comes with sharing my bed with a cover stealing, leg kicking little cuddle monkey that left me approximately six inches of room on our super king sized bed. She’ll be back to sleeping in her own bed tonight, Superman will stay in his box with the rest of the superheroes, and I’m not in the mood for any crap.


stealing my sleep
so sweet – when they are sleeping





36 thoughts on “Superman Stole My Sleep”

  1. This brings back memories. I remember my son ‘camping’ out on the floor outside my door when I set a boundary around him invading my bed chambers. It became a family joke about my mothering skills. In my defense, the floor was carpeted. You are a better father than I was! LOL.

    1. Thats actually pretty cute. Throw a blanket on him, remember to step over him on the way to the bathroom, and get a good night’s sleep. I wouldn’t judge

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t a Red Ryder BB Gun that she wanted to sleep with? This gave me a good laugh, especially remembering waking up on the edge of my bed many mornings because my son had somehow gotten into the middle of the bed and then proceeded to hog the entire thing!

  3. You nasty father you. Protecting your daughter from sharp edges and then giving her comfort and love, in exchange for your sleep. In fact, it sounds like that your doing a great job.

  4. Aah lovely. I occasionally let mine sleep with me too. She’s almost 7, so know exactly what you mean when it comes to making the most of things you know they’ll grow out of.

    1. Its an interesting age. She can seem either so little or so big depending on what’s going on. Thanks for reading Hayley

  5. Aww I can’t say I blame you. We have never really shared the bed with our children but I think it is only because they were so close in age it wasn’t really possible. Sometimes I do think it must be nice to wake up next to your baby even if they aren’t a baby anymore. I am sure I would do the same on your situation and I am sure my time will come to do so. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

  6. Yes they are so cute when they sleep I thing they are cutest during their naps:D we were sharing our bed with our son when he was couple of months 🙂

    1. we were pretty lucky that she has always been good about sleeping when we want her to. I do miss those naps though

  7. aww how adorable, Ben gets really cuddly just before bed and I know im gonna miss it when he gets older!
    Luckily we’ve never had to share out bed… yet!!
    Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales mister, hope to see you back next week!

  8. I love this. Let them be little, that’s what I say. Like you say, there will soon be a time where they will not be remotely interested in doing things like this and we will regret not making the most of it. I actually had to share with my little man for two weeks on holiday last year – he had to sleep in a double bed in a villa in Portugal and all the pillows and cushions in the world wouldn’t protect him from the cold hard tiles of the floor. He is such a fidget in bed I was paranoid. I actually missed it when I got home. There was something so nice about having him right there. Although I was kind of glad for the extra room!! 😃 Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

    1. we had a heck of a time getting her to sleep while on vacation a few years ago. She’s much more adaptive now

  9. awww it’s nice to cuddle sometimes. The last time my six year old came into my room in the middle of the night I bleary eyed allowed him to climb in with me despite his protests. Then I discovered he’d wet himself! Be thankful you have girls!

  10. Damn superman and his cool plane all to hell! So sweet you let her stay and realize the fleeting moment for the treasure that it is. This is hard to see sometimes through the bloodshot, sleep loss induced vision we parents have now and then!#stayclassmama

  11. You certainly are a better parent than me. I let my 4 year old sleep with his eye poking toys all the time because I just can’t face the full on screaming that will follow if I say no to having his beloved toy in bed with him (once he is asleep I take them away) I agree with cutting them some slack though and just enjoy them being little. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    1. If I had known how badly she was going to flip out, I can’t say that I would have bothered. Once I was committed though, I didn’t want to back down

  12. Every single night I find both twins and my six year old in my bed. I am wondering if sleep will ever return. They are so precious when they snooze though aren’t they.


    1. Mine has a new habit of trying to sneak in before we go to bed. She seems to think we won’t move her if she’s asleep

  13. Oh no! I would be completely the same about not letting any hard plasticky toys in bed. Of course no one has ever poked their eye out with one of these, but still…. you never know right! Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam.

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