Why You Need To See Wonder Woman


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I don’t know what my record is for movie theater visits in a year, but I’m pretty sure that 2017 is going to set a new one. Starting with February’s Lego Batman and continuing right through The Last Jedi to end the year, every month seems to have several new releases that are worthy of the small fortune that it costs to take my snack loving children.

I won’t have something to say about all of them. Lego Batman was OK, but a disappointment after the brilliance of the original Lego Movie. Logan was a great “adult” superhero flick, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was the most kid-friendly of all the Marvel movies so far.

Other times I will. I found it fascinating that there was so much discussion regarding the gay character in The Beauty and the Beast and fantastic that there was none about the movie’s interracial couples.


This past weekend was a busy one but somehow I managed to fit in two different theater visits. I don’t have much to say about Captain Underpants other than it’s about as stupid as you’d imagine, not as funny as I’d thought a movie voiced by Kevin Hart, Ed Helms and Nick Kroll would be, and the little would absolutely not be talked into seeing anything else. She found it hysterical.



There is a lot that I could say about Wonder Woman.

I could talk about her history. She debuted in All Star Comics #8 in 1941, created by early feminist William Marston . Marston once stated that “Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of women who should, I believe, rule the world.”  In 1942 she became the first female member of The Justice Society of America. She was invited to be their secretary.

I could talk about how long this movie has been in development and question why. Wonder Woman is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the world, just as important to the DC Universe as Superman or Batman, yet those two have appeared in multiple film incarnations for decades. Before now the closest Warner Brothers actually got to making a movie about one of their most important properties was a late 90’s project that was rumored to star Sandra Bullock, an idea that now sounds as absurd as a George Clooney Batman. Despite being a large part of the promotional campaign for Batman Vs Superman, her role was limited. It’s credited by many, including me, as being the best part of that movie.


Warner Bros / DC Entertainment


I could talk about the importance of representation, the importance of girls having a superhero of their own to look up to, and also about gender stereotyping, how ridiculous an idea it is to assume that boys wouldn’t want to see this movie or play with these toys. I love that my daughter never thought twice about dressing as Captain America for Halloween but understand why she’s thinking about Batgirl for this year. Why do we still have to go to the boy’s section to find T shirts with Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot and why can’t you find Wonder Woman while you’re there?

I could talk about the movie’s message, the sincerity that Gal Gadot conveys while uttering lines like “I believe in love. Only love can save the world.” It should be incredibly corny but somehow isn’t. After leaving the all-female fantasy island of Themyscira, believing that killing Ares, the God of War, will bring an end to World War One, the character slowly loses her naivety without resorting to the dark cynicism so often used to make movies about people in costumes seem more “realistic.”

Instead I’ll just tell you to go see it. Wonder Woman is a great action adventure movie, more reminiscent of Indiana Jones than The Man of Steel. I laughed out loud several times, the teenager cried, ( not at the same parts ) and we both can’t wait to see her again in this November’s Justice League.

It’s also way better than Captain Underpants.


Warner Bros / DC Entertainment



44 thoughts on “Why You Need To See Wonder Woman”

    1. I went a long time when would barely ever go to the theater. Now it gives me something to do with the girls, to them its still a treat. An expensive one.

  1. I agree SO many good movies coming out this summer. Wonder Women is on my list, but I got over voted so Captain Underpants was our captor this past weekend. It was cute, good story, but I should have snuck over to WW.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of people say that in the past few days. For a while it didn’t look promising that we’d make WW and I had a post in mind about Capt Underpants and doing things you don’t want to do out of love

  2. I’m glad my girls are still too young to go to the movies. We don’t go often, but I’m glad we went to see Wonder Woman.

    I have to admit to struggling a little bit though, seeing so much in my Facebook news feed about Gal Gadot’s Zionist stance and how “real feminists” will boycott the film because of Israel’s military action against Palestine. Definitely a messy issue to contend with.

    1. I admit that I have a hard time connecting the dots between the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and feminism. In Israel everybody, man or woman and including Gal Godot have a mandatory two year military service commitment. Men and woman are treated no different. I don’t know how women are treated in Palestine, but most muslim countries seem to have a poor track record there.

  3. Thank you for asking what I have asked SO many times – why can’t we find these things in the “opposite gender” sections of stores? Honestly! In that vein, check out these websites: http://www.princess-awesome.com, http://www.girlswillbehq.com, and http://www.freetobekids.com. Truly great stuff for girls – and boys – who just want cool, comfortable, awesome stuff to wear.
    Our family is very much looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman – thanks for your thoughts. We’ll be skipping Captain Underpants.

    1. Its very frustrating. Most of what my daughter wears are boys shirts because those are the things she likes.

  4. I have yet to have a chance to see the movie as we don’t get date nights that often, but I have a lot of family members that have. I totally agree with your interpretation of why Wonder Woman is a great role model! Totally need more female superheroes for our littles to look up to!

    1. date nights are pretty scarce around here also. I’m lucky that I have a teenager I can drag along with me when these come out

  5. I’ve yet to see the movie it but am interested. My children have not expressed much interest. My younger boy really wants to see Captain Underpants.

    1. I’ve heard other people say they liked it. I may have been biased by my desire to be seeing WW. At the time it looked like an either/or

  6. This was a wonderful read. Partly because you didn’t include any spoilers about the movie my wife and I are planning to see this week, but mostly becuase I coudn’t agree more. It’s about time Wonder Woman was given a well-earned place in the spotlight.

    Now, I can’t wait to sink my gums into some of that delcious movie theater popcorn!

  7. I agree. Go see it! I surprised myself by crying in the No Man’s Land scene. My kids thought I was crazy, but I have read several articles indicating that many grown women are crying in that part. It strikes a chord in those of us who dragged our families to all the male-dominated super hero flicks of the last decade.


    1. It was a powerful scene. I’ve seen a lot of those articles too and really goes to show how starved for this movie audiences were

  8. Oooo!!! I can’t wait to go see this!!! I just got back from Israel, and Wonder Woman’s face was everywhere over there b/c she is Israeli, so they are very proud of her. Thanks for the recs! My kids saw Captain Underwear (ha) with their grandma, so I was graciously spared that. Right on to all of your Lego Batman comments. The first one was a tough act to follow. I still love it.

    1. I think that if I watch it again I’ll appreciate lego Batman more. It just couldn’t like up to expectations.

  9. My 15 year old daughter says this is her most favorite superhero movie now EVER! She says the whole movie is people telling WW she can’t do something and her telling them, “Just watch me!” I can’t wait to see it.

  10. I go at least once a week to see a new movie, and I’ve seen Wonderwoman and liked the character more than all the other superhero films I’ve seen and I’ve watched them all.

    I’m still thinking of seeing Wonderwoman again. Maybe when it comes out on DVD.

    Cost isn’t that big of a deal at my age. I go on Senior Citizen discount day and pay $4 with no treats from the counter. If I can’t resist popcorn, I wait until I get home after seeing the film and make my own.

    There’s another film out right now based on a REAL story about a woman hero, a former Marine, and her war dog Rex. They are credited with saving hundreds if not thousands of lives. I saw it this week, and the film is called “Megan Leavey.” I should have taken more tissues. When it comes out on DVD, I’ll think about buying one.

  11. I’m not really a fan of superhero movies but I’ll probably watch it when it lands on Netflix – so in about ten years time when no one cares about it anymore lol
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  12. I totally agree. It’s worth the watch. My teen boy even liked it (well, what’s not to like about gorgeous Gal Gadot, right?). It’s the best superhero movie released by DC so far. A warrior princess with an empathic heart under that armor-plated bra. It also helped that I was able to read a lot of good stuff about Gal Gadot before watching Wonder Woman. A former beauty queen who also served the army, a former law student, an animal lover, a wife, a mom (by the way, she was also pregnant with her second child while filming the movie but still did most of her stunts). A role model to say the least. Now I’m wondering if it weren’t Gal on the title role, will Wonder Woman still be as effective?

    1. I’d heard she was pregnant during re-shoots. I think it still would have been great but she really was awesome in the role. Its hard to say what somebody else may have done but I’m pretty happy they scratched the Sandra Bullock idea

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