Discovering “Friendship Rocks”


I try to keep on top of things, sports, politics, where myself and my family need to be on any given day. Unfortunately there is a frustratingly large amount of stuff that I seem to be the last to know, things like what foods the little is currently finding acceptable, the teenager’s love life. Add to that list “friendship rocks”, a trend in our community that it appears that I was the last to know about.

For my local readers that have been participating in this all summer, and based on the Facebook group I was just added to, there are a lot of you, I apologize. This post is probably of more interest to those in other parts of the country, other areas of the world. If it turns out that you all already know what I’m talking about, I’d encourage you to take a peek through my archives. Lots of good stuff there.

Apparently what is happening is that people are painting rocks, pretty pictures on some, cartoon characters and such, but  mostly messages. Messages of peace, love, affirmant and positivity. They hide the rocks in parks, alongside athletic fields, sometimes outside stores or in parking lots. They take the rocks with them on vacation, painting their area code on the back and leaving them in other states for people to find.


friendship rocks
found at the park


The cool thing about this is that the people that find these rocks don’t keep them. They are re-hidden, the message passed along. Its a never ending scavenger hunt, a perpetual passing of good will disguised as an Easter egg hunt.


friendship rocks
found near a softball field


So we’ve been painting rocks. We paint them, hide them, find some new ones and then hide those. Its been a great new activity as the summer winds down and I’m increasingly running out of new ways to keep her busy. More importantly, it’s been a great way to encourage empathy and kindness. She spends a lot of time on these little projects, with the only goal being furthering the happiness of others, to help somebody else “have a good day” as she puts it.


friendship rocks
working hard


The world needs more “friendship rocks”. We all wish that we could change the world, to make it a better place for out children. Maybe this is the place to start, one rock at a time.


friendship rocks
found at a canoe launch



30 thoughts on “Discovering “Friendship Rocks””

  1. Hi Jeremy, I was literally just saying how the world needs to be a more colourful place to help spread happy vibes, but I think I was wrong. What the world needs are more friendship rocks! This project strikes me as fun, harmless, and beneficial. I reckon most people would break out in s mile if they found a friendship rock or am I just living with my head up my bum?…I know I’d be happy to find one and pass on the love.


    1. we found one on a ledge outside a pet store today, moved it to a spot in front of the neighboring shoe store, and it was gone when we came out. I’d like to think that we gave somebody a smile

  2. #triumphanttales oh my, i love this SO MUCH…watch me get 250 year 7’s to cover the south coast with gratitude and love next week. How have i not learnt of this before and i can’t wait to find one. love this post A LOT (hence my use of capitals)

  3. This is such a cute idea, I was handed something similar on my trip to London recently. We went over the Westminster Bridge where there had been a terrorist attack and people were handing out knitted hearts. Such a cute gesture but the symbolism speaks volumes! I love that there is so much love overpowering hate right now!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back on Tuesday!

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this. It’s so awesome. We definitely need more friendship rocks in the world! Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  5. I’ve seen “happy notes” left about before, but this is a much better idea as it won’t get lost in a rain storm! Definitely doing this with the kiddos.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols. We hope you can join us next time.

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