A World of Jerks


There are a lot of jerks out there people, something that I’m sure isn’t exactly a news flash to anybody.

I didn’t call them that, used much more colorful language last night as I sat in line on the highway, paving having consolidated traffic into a single lane. Traffic that should have been moving, even if at a slower pace, if not for those that deemed themselves too important to merge sometime in the last mile and a half since the well lit sign informing us of the upcoming closure. Those that decided that instead of leaving that lane, they would wait until the last minute and just move on ahead of those of us that had already made the adjustment. I’ll run us both of the road before I let those people in.

On most nights the profanity directed their way may have been a bit more subdued, muttered instead of yelled out my window, but I actually was in a bit of a hurry. I was on my way to pick up the teenager from her new job, clearing tables and filling water glasses at a restaurant not overly close to where I was coming from. It was 9:20, the restaurant closed at 9:00, and I assumed she would be just about ready to be driven home.

I could have taken my time. On this particular night the restaurant was full of patrons in no hurry to leave, ordering food and drinks that weren’t fully consumed until after 10:00. Cleanup keeping the staff there until close to 11:00, a full hour after they should have been headed home.

It was a day full of frustration, a day of witnessing countless moments of discourtesy and selfishness.

There was the older women entering the bank, rummaging through her purse as she walked in and getting a face full of door as the young guy in front of her quickly closed the door behind him.

The guy at the market who dropped a jar of pickles as he was loading up his cart and simply wheeled away with the rest of his purchases, no offer made to help the poor cashier that had to clean up his mess before returning to the rest of us in line.

Whatever monster decided to leave their cart in the space directly in front of my truck instead of walking the five feet they would have had to travel to put it away correctly.  


a world of jerks
who does this?


I could go on, as I’m sure each and every one of you could. People with seemingly no thought whatsoever to anybody besides themselves becoming increasingly prevalent.

I’m not a saint by any means, don’t mean to come across as a sanctimonious old man. It just seems that with very little extra effort we could all be just a little bit nicer.

My youngest is nice, for now. She says please and thank you, smiles at strangers. She’ll hold a door open for hours if there are still people coming into a building. One of our most important jobs as parents is raising kids that don’t turn out to be jerks.  Is just trying to set a good example enough? How do I keep her this way?



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  1. OMGosh – the people who refuse to merge over and instead feel that they have the right to cut in line ahead of everyone else on the road is my all-time pet peeve! It annoys me to no end and I have to admit that it brings out my own inner road rage – I try like heck NOT to let these folks in (which I know probably isn’t very nice of me but hey, they can read). It just makes me wonder when we started being a society that is so self-centered that we can’t do the small things that make life nicer for everyone. I’m sharing this in a roundup post to publish on 10-28-17.

    1. This used to really annoy me as well. What annoyed me even more was when a friend earlier this year shared an official video that showed that that was actually the proper way to handle merger situations, entitled “The Zipper Effect” . It’s difficult to cope that you are actually in wrong when you’ve thought all these years you were being the considerate one.

      1. There was a whole conversation on my FB page about this zipper business. I think the concept is a good one if the sign says “merge into one lane ahead.” Then everybody can zipper and be happy. When the sign says “left lane closed ahead” that to me will always mean get the hell out of the left lane!

  2. I feel your pain Thirsty Daddy. My wish for you this week is that some random stranger does something to restore your faith in man kind this week. Sounds like you are about due. <3

  3. My daughter said to the person serving us in Primark last weekend – her first ever insult – you’re a big girl. I don’t think she meant it as an insult… but the girl was a little large so I don’t think it went down too well… thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog x

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