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There is a lot that I have come to enjoy about blogging, a hobby that I never would have expected to have started. There is the extra few bucks every now and again and the ego stroking of course, but also the creative outlet, the documentation of my children’s lives, and the satisfaction of having built something for myself.

There is also the community, an unexpected making of new online friends that support each other not only relating to each other’s writing  but with real-world issues as well.  Genuinely nice people that I have been fortunate to connect with.

In one of my many blogging Facebook groups an idea was put forth recently to share our most read posts of the year, the idea being that it would help each other gain some insight into what people are interested on clicking on. I wasn’t surprised to find that mine was A Dad’s Guide to Disney, by far the most “Google friendly” title you’ll find in these archives, but I was surprised by how many other things I’d written over the past year that I’d forgotten about.

With that in mind I put together a list of my ten favorites of 2017, a process much harder than I anticipated. Some of the pieces I’m most proud of were political, sports, or current events related and may make up a separate list in the days to come, but for today I narrowed it down to parenting musings and recollections.


Why Rush to Grow Up?   From this time last year. Both my daughters still seem to be rushing headlong into adulthood. Adulthood sucks. I want to be their ages again.

My Baby Forever  A long, cold night last January and a late night writing session. This one still makes me a little misty.

The Baby Garden   Not the first or the last time I made a complete mess out of trying to explain to the six year old where babies come from.

T Shirts and Tattoos  Some thoughts on changing priorities and changing wardrobe choices. Also a gratuitous picture of my backside.

Holding Her Hand, Picking Her Up  Written after our first visit back to the park where my daughter busted her chin open. Some thoughts on the “bubble wrapping” of today’s kids and what I think they really need from us.

Parents, Trying to Understand  I didn’t write as much about the teenager this past year, a good thing in retrospect because it meant less drama was occurring. This is one about how important I think it is to always continue to fight through their shields.

First Crushes  A bittersweet post about first and last loves. About the innocence of the young and the reality that unfortunately follows, a common theme in these pages.

A Child’s God  This is one that I like a lot more now than when I first wrote it. It’s a reminder that as they get older our kids will be exposed to more and more outside influences and it’s up to us to help shape those ideas.

Never Stop Laughing  The closest that I get to life advice. If you want to be happy, surround yourself with people that make you laugh.

Tons of Fun at the First Ever Hasbro #HasCon  Not my best written, most insightful, or even probably all that interesting, but I’m including it because this weekend was one of my favorites of the year.  My daughter and I were given complimentary tickets to a toy convention in early September and had an absolute blast. The pictures and video of her dancing to Daya are guaranteed pick-me-ups when I’m feeling down.

2017 has been a weird year. There have been lots of good times, an unexpected number of bad.  This list is accurate today but if I sat down tomorrow it might look very different. If I’ve learned anything from 2017, learned anything from parenting, it’s that change can happen when you least expect it. How we handle that change is a big part of what makes each of us who we are.

As always, thanks for reading and taking the time to come along for the ride.




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