25 Questions Revisited


Nothing very deep here today I’m afraid, just taking a break from math homework. I’m not sure if this is the “new math” that I’ve heard so much about, a new way to introduce basic principles, or if I’m just not as bright as I was thirty six years ago, but I’m getting a headache.

Instead we played reporter, a interview with a movie star that I first conducted back in June of 2015.  It’s been making the Facebook rounds again so I thought I’d see how her answers had changed.


25 questions revisited


What is something that daddy always says to you?
Then: I love you
Now: I love you too.
Apparently she says it first more often now.

What makes daddy happy?
Then: When he plays with me and gives me fruitsnacks
Now: When I say “I love you.”

What makes daddy sad?
Then: When I jump on him
Now: Nothing
Glad that she thinks that. Also, that she jumps on me a lot less.

How does daddy make you laugh?
Then: Giving me stuff, like smoothies
Now: telling jokes

What was daddy like as a child?
Then: He liked smoothies too
Now:  How should I know?
Bit of a smarty pants now.

How old is daddy?
Then: 14
Now: 25
I do feel like I’ve aged nine years in the last two.

How tall is daddy?
Then: to the tippity top
Now: 32 inches.
Seems I’ve shrunk a bit

What is daddy’s favorite thing to do?
Then: Dishes
Now: Go to the park.
I feel like I spend more time doing dishes than at the park

What does daddy do while you’re at school?
Then: Goes to the gym
Now: Goes to the gym
You’d think I’d be in a lot better shape

If daddy became famous, what would it be for?
Then: Nothing
Now: Being a good X-Ray guy.
I’ll take it

What is daddy really good at?
Then: Doing tricks and hula hooping
Now: Washing dishes and folding laundry
Told you I did a lot of dishes

What is daddy not very good at?
Then: Going on the slide.
Now: Being scared
I think that I would be scared of getting stuck in the slide

What does daddy do for a job?
Then: Dishes
Now: X-Ray

What is daddy’s favorite food?
Then: Chinese food
Now: Beef jerky

What makes you proud of daddy?
Then: Hula hooping
Now: That he helps people at his job and keeps me safe
I don’t think I’ve ever actually hula hooped

What cartoon character is daddy like?
Then: The Hulk
Now: The Hulk
Fair enough

What do you and daddy do together?
Then: Laundry
Now: watch superhero shows

How are you and daddy the same?
Then: We both have ears
Now: Our eyes and hair are the same color

How are you and daddy different?
Then: We have different toes. Mine are painted
Now: He has to shave so he doesn’t grow a beard

How do you know daddy loves you?
Then: He says “I love you”
Now: He buys me stuff
Not too sure about that one

What does daddy like best about mommy?
Then: She’s so beautiful
Now: She’s beautiful

What does mommy like best about daddy?
Then: He buys flowers
Now: He’s handsome

What is daddy’s favorite place to go?
Then: To work
Now: The movies with me

How old was daddy when you were born?
Then: A grown up
Now: How should I remember
A valid question

What’s your favorite thing about daddy?
Then: He loves me
Now: That he’s handsome



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