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I’m a 40-something  year old X Ray technologist with a wife and two kids .  I believe in America, The Boston Red Sox, dragons, and whiskey thats been aged in small batches.  You can follow me on Twitter @thirstydaddy  for kid stuff and @jermbarnes for sports and nerd stuff.  Like the ThirstyDaddy  Facebook page for updates on new postings, links to other blogs that you may enjoy reading, and general kid silliness.

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  1. So enjoy your writings! Glad Chris put it on so more people can read you! Nice to have children grow up and become parents to understand what we have gone through, and more importantly, felt. You “brothers” from Salem do have a very special bond, I hope you all will keep on keeping on with your friendships!
    You have a gift for writing Jeremy, hope you are keeping your writings in print, they will be priceless gifts to give your children.

    1. I’ve been printing them out as I go along. In retrospect I should have been saving them as PDF files, but I’m still a bit old school. Thank you for reading and for the kind words.

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    1. we’re in the northeast corner of Connecticut. I’m actually a Dolphins fan, but my wife founded the New England Sports Facebook group. Its a pretty big one and she’s a crazy Pats fan

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