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E-mail addresses are necessary to comment as a way to protect against spam.  The subscriber list is a way to receive notice of new posts or other announcements I choose to make. It is not visible to anyone but me.

No personal information or e-mail addresses collected by this site will be shared with any third party at any time.

Any third party website that a link is given to by this site has its own privacy policy that you are encouraged to read.



Cookies may be used to analyze visitor data and locations. They may also be used by advertisers to gather this information and as a way of determining ad relevance.  These can be turned off at any time by changing your specific browser settings. When purchasing a product or service through a link provided by this website, cookies are used to “tag” the purchase as originating from a link provided by this site for compensation purposes.



Comments are encouraged at any time. Disagreement or contradictory views that foster constructive dialogue are always welcome.

I reserve the right to edit or delete comments at any time. Comments with language or opinions I find offensive will be deleted. Any comment that attacks myself or any other reader directly will be deleted. Comments that are deemed spam or that I feel may be spam will be deleted. This is all at my discretion.


These policies are all subject to change or update at any time at my discretion.  Any questions can be asked here, on the thirstydaddy Facebook or Twitter pages, or by contacting me directly at

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